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29 January 2008

McCain Wins Florida

Big victory for John McCain in Florida tonight. I believe a Republican candidate has an even shot at winning the presidency this year, but if it's a McCain/Obama race I can't imagine that old fossil is going to match up very well against young Barry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im simply astounded that McCain, no matter how small the margin, won.

If he wins on Super Tuesday, it simply means that voters dont mind Shamnesty (3 million LEGAL immigrants per year up from 1, with no real wall).

I keep telling myself alot of Cuban Repubs didn't mind the guy, alot of oldsters were voting for their own, and alot of McCain's tough border talk fooled a few folks, and alot of independents voted in the Repub primary who really intend to vote Democrat.

I honestly think it would be better to have Hillary or Obama than McCain, because if they piss off the electorate, we'd have another shot in 12', but if we get McCain, I guarantee you he will piss off the electorate and we will certainly lose in 12'.

Our problem is this.............we are beginning to really run out of time as the Democrats gain about 750,000 new voters a year out of the one million new immigrants we let in legally. The Republican party becomes a smidgen less viable every day. 20 more years of this, and hell.............we wont be able to win a national election.

I think I'll send Romney another couple of hundred bucks..........I think we need it.

January 30, 2008 2:06 AM  
Blogger ziel said...

And McCain seems to sincerely believe we need to continue to fight wars in the MidEast for years to come. Has he no clue that we can't afford that?

January 30, 2008 11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The media will pounce upon McCain's old age once he is fighting the dems not the Repubs -- or should I say for himself. At the debate tonight, he often looked like he was in pain -- or am I projecting? Funny, I have not heard any questions about McCain's health? Many of the guys I know at work who are over 55 are plagued with health problems. What is McCain's true story?

A man over 70 is too old to be president. Would not a legitimate media be discussing what the health outlook is for the average man over 70, yet alone a guy who spent many years in extreme hardship?

Anyway, if you watch him carefully, you can see he will easily fit into a too old caricature when the time is right.

king S.

January 31, 2008 1:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone insists McCain will get hammered by the media, but I have my doubts. McCain does have a following in the media, and HR Clinton isn't exactly loved.

January 31, 2008 7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

McCain does have a media following, but in the presidential race you have to earn some stripes if you're in the media. McCain will be attacked, and those attacks will snowball due to McCain's own faults.
And again what is his health situation. The big question of '08 could be is McCain's prostate up for the job.

king S.

January 31, 2008 11:54 PM  

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