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24 September 2007

Rot in Hell, Krugman!

Read this disgraceful column by Paul Krugman on the "Jena 6" farce. What an ill-informed, sanctimonious little bastard. I hope and pray that 6 thugs surround you, you little shit, beat you to a pulp, stomp on your head, and continue to kick you while you lie unconscious on the ground! You cowardly little bastard. Maybe then you can walk into the local VFW Post (like you'd have a clue where that might be) and tell the guys there how they lost Vietnam.

Despite the obvious anger displayed above, I find the whole Jena mess terribly depressing. We have moved squarely into Orwellian mode without the government having to lift a finger. I fear that the blogger Mencius's outlandish theory of who actually controls us, the Polygon, to be all too plausible. But in a world where the act of running through the streets and burning down your own neighborhood is called a "rebellion," not a riot, what should I expect?

I just watched Al Sharpton on FoxNews' morning show where he was asked about the recent video showing a beating of a white kid at the hands of several black kids in Norfolk and was asked if he would support the family of this victim. Sharpton assured them that if the family asked he would indeed talk to them to ascertain whether his organization needed to be involved, it doesn't matter if they're black or white. That's all the 'conservative' edge of the media wants - that if national racial hysteria is to result from local encounters between races, we at least acknowledge that racism can happen on both sides - if we must stamp out racism, let's by all means stamp it out everywhere!. No need to actually question Sharpton (a very frequent FoxNews guest) on the fundamental accuracy of his portrayal of the events in Jena - no need for facts to intrude on a good story. If we are to have madness, then let the madness reign free!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I independently read Krugman's piece an hour ago, but I couldn't summon up any anger, only minor irritation.

Conservatives are always going to be on the back foot defending against accusations of racism, so why bother? Let's steal their thunder and explicitly endorse racism in terms of ethnocentrism, the IQ disparities between racial groups and the soceital breakdown engendered by multiculturalism.

September 25, 2007 5:38 PM  
Blogger ziel said...

Yes, well that is a much more mature attitude to take. I guess I expect more of Krugman - I don't expect him to be so weasely partisan. When he berates Republicans for exacerbating income inequality, that's one thing - it's in his field and he has some good points to make. But this column was just a gratuitous foray into sanctimonious bullshit.

I agree with you that there's no gain in being defensive about the racism charges. That's why I object to the Fox News "it's ok to go on racist witch hunts as long as you're even handed" tactic - you can't win with that approach. That just plays directly into Sharpton's hands - Sure, go ahead and charge these kids with attempted murder - as long as you charge any whites who were invovled in any altercations with attempted murder too.

September 25, 2007 7:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just read Krugman's column.

It has a few sophisticated lies. The first being the attempt to equate the kids who hung little nooses under a tree (probably to indeed make blacks feel uncomfortable at a "white gathering spot") to the six young men (notice that Krugman avoided giving the number?) who attacked and immediately knocked unconcious a young man named Barker who did NOT hang any nooses and stomped him until they were pulled off him, resulting in 12 thousand dollars in medical bills.

Hanging nooses, no matter how small, from a tree is a tasteless thing to do, but its not burning a cross in someone's front yard. "Jumping a kid from behind, and stomping on him while he lay there unconcious" is a much much worse thing to do. What if Justin Barker died before the teacher could start pulling the assailants away? Would AL and Jesse be down there then if they had a stiff on their hands?

Probably not. Even though Justin Barker is accused of using racial slurs (although we haven't heard him admit that), does that validate an attack on his person.

To wit..............three punk white kids pulled a tastelss prank, one white kid supposedly used slurring language. A lot of white kids down there have skipped school because of threats of beatings. Doesn't sound like the scorecard is very even does it?

Clarence Page has a similar article complaining about unequal justice for white atrocities and the black beatings, but where are the white atrocities? Have there been any white-on black beatings down there? Of course not, because we would have heard about it if there was.

Every once in a while the media reminds us of just how despicable they really are and how much they are willing to lie. Krugman stunk on this, and Clarence Page stunk on this. They have proven themselves liars. I knew Krugman was, but Page is a dissapointment.

Journalism from the left and right sucks right now. Lies, fabrications, unfair comparisons, dishonest innuendos, slander-by-association---even when untrue. The media makes me sick.............and makes me hope there is a hell.

September 25, 2007 8:26 PM  
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