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30 September 2007

Brodhead Apologizes - Should Have Listened to AP?

The AP's Aaron Beard, who has been covering the Duke rape hoax incident since it happened, reports that Duke's president has apologized to the lacrosse players and their families for not better supporting the players early on. While "too little too late" is an obvious reaction, I'm more struck by this statement in Beard's report:
But even as Nifong won indictments against the players Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans, it became clear the charges had no merit.
Gee, Aaron, if you thought that way then, could you have maybe been a little more direct about it in your reporting? Shortly after the indictment, Beard filed a report on a study explaining Duke's allegedly inadequate and slow response to the incident. He does not provide even the slightest hint that the charges "had no merit," and, while quoting defense attorneys to provide balance, leaves every impression that the charges were not only credible but that Brodhead's only error was in not taking the charges seriously enough. And of course there was this gem:
The report said Duke's response was also limited by its lack of diversity in senior management; Brodhead and his core advisers are almost all white men.
I wonder if Brodhead, in addition to apologizing to the players and families, will rescind any "diversity" policies instituted as a result of this finding, since the white men around Brodhead appear to be the only ones down their who seemed to have gotten it right.


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