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03 October 2006

Oh no, It's Definitely You

From the Instapundit:
THE LATEST POLL shows a Ford-Corker dead heat. Hmm. Just yesterday we had one with Ford up by 5; not long before that there was one with Corker up by 5. Is it just me, or is this more variation than we usually see? Are voter sentiments that volatile (or superficial)? Or is there something about this race that makes minor differences in polling methodology more important? Or is this normal?[Emphasis mine]
I guess noting the fact that it's a close race and he's looking at 3 different polls (Middle Tennessee State University, Rasmussen, WSJ) with margins of error of 4, 4.5, and 3.4% and so this is quite expected would be getting just a little too technical for the Ole Perfesser.

Update: Michael Barone has since come to the rescue, explaining it all to the professor without once adopting a patronizing tone - I admire that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob Corker ran a "guest-worker" proposal in one of his early primary commercials, which sealed his fate amongst pale-cons like me. I'll simply sit this race out before I vote for him..

What you need to know about Corker. He's worth 200 million from Construction, and has gotten as rich off illegals as the next developer has. When he was mayor of Chattanooga he still managed to give himself two payraises, but none for the cops or the firemen. He's worth 200 million, did he really need that extra money? Nope.

According to volvoter, Corker hobnobs and socializes with "the elite" pretty much exclusively, despite the fact that he has an awful drawl and REALLY seems like a dim-witted man. I'll never get over the fact that in America one is assumed smart for getting wealthy. One of the biggest idiots I know made alot of money from getting a loan from his rich parents a zero-interest and putting a couple of franchise resturaunts in the right locale. They are gold mines. They finance some of his other goofy ideas that do indeed lose lots of money. But he'll be OK as long as he doesn't sell those two locations.

Corker would be pro-guestworker, for even deeper tax cuts (in a time of huge deficits) and very pro-finance. I believe as believes, that at some point the Chinese will tire of selling us money at present rates and will want more and more interest from our T-bills. The fed can keep this joke afloat forever. But Corker and his ilk will be behind those fuedalistic gated walls, so they should be OK.

Dont know if this means Ford will win however, Corker seems to have an enormous supply of TV-ad-lies money. He's avoided Ford's offers to debate him constantly (he got away with it in the primaries too). Ford, for whatever you think of him, is good at the mouth and knowledgable about the issues and would slay Corker in debate. But thats OK, the state Repub party would proabably do everything they could to schedule a debate against a Tennessee football game where nobody would see it anyway. Modern politics is as ugly a business as porn, drug dealing, and prostitution all rolled into one.

October 04, 2006 7:23 PM  
Blogger ziel said...

So Corker sounds like the personification of everything that's wrong with the Republican party. I've always liked Ford, from what I've seen of him on talk shows.

October 04, 2006 10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Im opposed to alot of what Ford will be for...............but its nice to hear an intelligent man who can SPEAK. Im against alot of what Barack Obama is for also, but he would be a much better standard bearer for the dems than Kennedy. Much smarter, more honest, a better politician in every way.

Its actually good for Repubs, as wrong as it is, that liberal elitist are in reality more racist than guys with confederate flags in pickup-back-winshields. They've eschewed some real political talent over the years and saved us some butt-whippin's in debates. Could you imagine what Obama would do to Bush in a debate?

Ford would do the same to the redneck-millionaire-puttin'-on-airs-Corker. Which is why he wont debate the guy.

October 05, 2006 8:58 PM  

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