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14 September 2006

CA Voters Richer, Older, Whiter than Non-Voters

The growing diversity of California's population isn't showing up in the voting booth, where people who are richer, older and whiter than their nonvoting neighbors are making the decisions that will shape the state's future, a new study shows.
And smarter too? Well, maybe not, or else you'd think California voters would make sure they elected people who would see to it that California adults didn't get any poorer and darker. We recently learned that California grade school students are among the dumbest in the nation, down there with Mississippi and Alabama, fine states but not what come to mind when one thinks of economic powerhouses.
Although California has been widely trumpeted as the nation's first large "majority minority" state -- one where racial minority residents make up more than half the population -- the minority voting picture is getting worse, not better.
Widely trumpeted? They're happy about that? One problem the state has is "rotten boroughs." So while half the adult population may not be voting, they still have a role in shaping the legislature since districts are determined by general population, not registered voters. Which may explain why the state's legislature and congressional delegation are overwhelmingly Democrat.
Among the most frequent voters, 62 percent are ages 45 or older, 77 percent are homeowners, 53 percent are college graduates, and 53 percent have household incomes of $60,000 or more. That's in a state where 76 percent of the people are younger than forty-five, 66 percent are renters, 17 percent finished college and 18 percent earn $60,000 or more.
So we can expect some really great things coming out of the Golden State once the rest of these folks get to the ballot box.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


In my purple thoughts...........concerning California..........I sometimes have a unspoken wish (even in thought) when I see news items that detail the tastless, classless (tax on miles driven!!!??) ruling elite of Hollywoodl and the latest outrage against real liberty that they have perpetuated.

Just for giggles, would it not be humorous if the NEW Californians of various descents REALLY got a Jesse Jackson "stick it to whitey" type of leader to vote for? They elect him, and a state house/senate that he campaigns for. Then they absolutely stick it to the wealthy left out there. I mean a huge tax when you sell your house and leave the state, a 20% income tax on the highest brackets with no possible deductions, the guy zones (and just bypasses existing laws barring these things like Shrub Jr. does nationally) cheap manufactured housing on every vacant lot (thus robbing the landlords of the ground rent they charge to the serfs out there), taxes tuition to private schools at the tune of about 20K a year, and looks for various ways to shut them down and has success doing so for large parts of the school calendars (thus making children of the entertainment industry have to go to real public schools for a few months), and pretty much makes the gated-community LEFT live like the lower and middle working classes that the left has made life hell for out there. I'd get a kick out of seeing their minds STRAIN when interviewed on TV attempting to concoct arguments explaining their discomfort comes from something that somehow, someway just HAD to be the fault of the Pat Buchannanite right. All of this especially when the reverberations of the aforesaid policies wind up destroying the real-estate market, thus eliminating a great deal of these folks wealth and even making some sell their houses at a loss to save little lord Johnny and Suzy from rubbing shoulders with the masses that their parents have so uphled. When all of the aforesaid came to pass, we on the old right could tell them: "finally, you guys got a governor who did all the things you always said you wanted done, right?"

Side-splitting movie material for a Mike Judge parody....................

September 14, 2006 11:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, I've always wondered 'Who but a dip would want to live in Southern California?'

September 16, 2006 4:39 PM  

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