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15 December 2005

Back to Square Zero on Stem Cells?

Based solely on the fact that their boosters were seeking taxpayer funding rather than private investment, I had assumed that embryonic stem cells(ESC) were unlikely to provide any concrete benefits for years to come. But then this South Korean ends up accomplishing something that sounds like a real breakthrough and boy, was I wrong, I thought - they're at least 10 years ahead of schedule! Alas, it looks like I wasn't wrong after all, as it appears the "breakthrough" was a total fraud. I don't know what the funding arrangement was for the South Korean research, but the money to be made from research grants must be terribly tempting for a scientist to be willing to throw away his career by faking results. And with lots of people in the USA willing to "invest" billions of dollars of other people's money in ESC's, we should be glad there's an active coterie of pro-life extremists shouting "Stop!"


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