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24 June 2005

The New Bewitched Movie

Interested in seeing the new movie Bewitched but not sure if you'll like it? Well why not look at some reviews, say, from the New York Times and Washington Post. That should help - here's a quick summary.
The movie stars Nicole Kidman. Casting her as a witch was inspired*, except that she's playing the Meg Ryan role in the kind of movie even Meg Ryan doesn't make anymore**. It features a nicely tuned supporting cast* except that Michael Caine's is the only performance that doesn't seem like an imitation of somebody else's**. It also stars Will Ferrel. Mr. Ferrell enjoys a few ticklishly funny moments with Ms. Kidman*, yet Ferrell provides none of the warmth or likability that would justify him as [Kidman]'s love interest**, but on the other hand this self-contained actress has rarely come across as relaxed in the company of another performer*, though we can't think of one reason why she would carry a torch for this jerk**. Another supporting actor is Steve Carell, who, doing Paul Lynde doing Uncle Arthur, provides some late relief*, unless of course you are annoyed by Carell's unfortunate impression of Paul Lynde**. Yes, it appears that This multisituational silliness is agreeably watchable*, but on the other hand it is a misfire in pretty much every ...department**. But one thing everyone will agree on: Kidman delivers her lines in a breathy Marilyn Monroe whisper** and her voice is as baby-breathy as that of Marilyn Monroe*.
Just thought I'd be of service.

** Ann Hornaday, WaPo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicole Kidman is a babe and a great actress who can play a skank (Oscar for playing Virginia Woolf) to a hot temptress (To Die For). She┬┤s better off without that idiot Tom Cruise. It would probably be worth the price of admission to see her wiggle her nose.

July 02, 2005 9:19 PM  
Blogger ziel said...

She is awesome. My dream role for her? Lady Macbeth.

July 03, 2005 4:19 PM  
Anonymous Neil said...

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