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27 May 2005

Today's Immigrant

The Times has an excellent article contrasting the experiences of a now successful Greek immigrant of the 50's to the more hopeless situation of a Mexican immigrant today. The article does little preaching, but some explanations are tossed out to explain it, such as racism, which is not likely given the better experience of darker South Asians.
But the article did mention the all important continuous influx of Mexicans that makes it difficult for existing immigrants to gain a foothold. Most people don't realize that the 1924 Immigration Act effectively ended European immigration. It was then that the melting in the pot began.
But not mentioned (shockingly!) in the article is the generally lower cognitive abilities of Mexicans than Europeans. Mexicans generally score 2/3 of a standard deviation lower than persons of European extraction on intelligence tests (including the SAT) - an IQ of 90 vs. 100, for example. East Asian IQ's tend to be 105 - 100, by comparison. And the Mexicans who enter the US tend to be poor farmers - not University graduates. So, while some hold out some dim hope, in reality there is little chance that most Mexican immigrants will ever really mainstream here.


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