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12 May 2005

Just What We Need - A New Type of Rat

Scientists have discovered a whole new family of rodent on display in a marketplace in Laos. This is apparently big news in the zoological community, but I found the article worth the read just for it's final line remarking on what a gold mine a Laotian market is for finding rare animals: "A trip to the market, [Dr. Timmins] said, made it clear that 'in Laos, pretty much everything gets eaten.'"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Living abroad, I still find it difficult to eat some of the local fare. My girlfriend here in Spain insists I eat her well cooked rabbit (conejo), I´m not comfortable with duck, and had to be tricked in France into eating frog and cow tongue.

May 15, 2005 6:33 AM  

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