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25 May 2005

Alright So Maybe We DID Flush a Koran Down the Toilet

It's impossible to literally flush a book down the toilet, OK. But the idea that an interrogator/MP/Guard might have been razzing a few detainees by threatening to flush one down the toilet, or maybe tearing a few pages or whatnot, is hardly inconceivable.
What is the lesson we should learn here? That we are evil? That we should promise to never deface a Koran or in anyway disrespect the religion of detained terrorists? That the Gitmo detainees are mistreated and should be given full Geneva Convention Rights?
I don't think so - I think the lesson is that if one-line in a story results in deadly riots, we ought to stay the hell away from these crazy people. We've got it pretty good here in the ole USofA. All we need to do is batten down the hatches and pull up stakes in scary places and stay inside these borders, and we can keep it that way. One thing is for sure - we are not going to be creating a democracy anywhere in the Mid-East, and we are only hurting ourselves trying.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are right on Blogman- tighten the borders and stay the hell out of our nations' business. Spoken like a true Buchananite. Pat and Bob Grant- they're not as crazy as folks made them out to be.

When are you going to write about our friend Mr. Chirac? How about his comment on how the US does not want to see the EU constitution go through because we will feel threatened. Is he a horse ass or just an anti American socialist? Bush needs to loose Chirac's phone number.

May 28, 2005 10:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you that we should stop trying to sell our brand of democracy in the Mideast. But, the real issue here isnĀ“t even the Koran flushing, but that we continue to operate such due process-free facilities as Gitmo and others.

June 07, 2005 7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you know there are guidelines issued by the State Dept(?) on how to handle the Koran of a prisoner?

June 08, 2005 2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm right there with Jimbo. We are doing such harm to our international image that a real, independent (Ha!) "Homeland Security" chief would immediately shackle Rumsfeld and would supply the White House with a director's cut of Fast Times at Ridgemont High to keep George busy and would proceed to take steps to straighten us out in the world community as being a country that is not a bully but has legitimate goals, would like to help developing nations find democracy and will assist rather than overpower.
We are trying to protect the country but we are making enemies right and left. Allies see us going over the edge. We really have only Tony Blair and he is on very shaky ground at home.
Bush & Rummy claim we've gained "valuable intelligence" from abusing prisoners (no, Ziel, I have no evidence - nor do they as far as gaining anything)but we continue to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world. The only countries that continue to support us are those that are economically dependant on us support. How does this support "Homeland Security"? It appears that everything we are doing is making us more hated and more vulnerable, and to what end? So that the mighty troops of a "liberated" Afganistan & Iraq will fight side by side with out young, dying kids?

June 10, 2005 8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, Bob grant is crazy. Pat Buchanan has some very legitimate views, though radical, but Bob Grant is crazy.

June 10, 2005 9:01 PM  

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