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16 April 2005

UC Berkely to Voters: F-You

The new chancellor of UC Berkeley is not happy that the voters of California do not agree with him, and he appears determined that his views prevail. It seems that at Berkeley, one of the top colleges in the country, "only" 1 in 6 incoming freshmen is black or Hispanic. He doesn't believe that when Californians voted to end affirmative action their intention was that the number of minorities admitted to their most prestigious college would go down from more than 1-in-5 to 1-in-6.
I'd imagine that these voters would still be rather upset to find that Berkeley is still admitting that many minorities. SAT Scores of black/latino freshmen at Berkeley are still substantially below average (you can run your own stats at the link yourself). So I'd suggest the new Chancellor not rock the boat too much - unlike him, California voters still are willing to believe their own Lying Eyes.


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