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13 April 2005

Only The Loathsome

Big Bill is resorting to the old "self-loathing" attack to defend his wife against an upcoming book. Follow me now - a gay man just wrote a book that will come out in September attacking Hillary for God knows what. The gay man also incidentally just got married in Massachusetts (to a guy, naturally). It's all laid out in Drudge. So why is he "self-loathing"? I guess because a gay man who opposes Hillary is a supporter of people who hate him - so he must hate himself! It's liberal code for "right-wing fag." My favorite recent "self-loathing" attack was by the loathsome Keith Olbermann. He referred to Michelle Malkin's book defending the WWII Japanese internment as "self-loathing." You see, Malkin is "Asian", the Japanese are "Asian", the internment was mean to Japanese, therefore Malkin wrote a book about how she hates herself! The dope has no clue that Malkin is Phillipino, a people who were raped and murdered by the Japanese en masse. Now if Olbermann had referred to the book as "anti-Japanese" or "Nippanophobic" he might have had a point. At least it's plausible Malkin's book reflects an animus against her people's persecutors as much as any political argument. Instead, by calling her self-loathing, Olbermann used liberal code for "right-wing gook." But, as I said, only the loathsome.


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