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18 April 2005

East Africans Win Big in Boston

East Africans dominate distance racing every bit as much as West Africans dominate short races. Those who refuse to believe their own lying eyes will concoct all sorts of convoluted explanations to avoid the obvious - these groups simply have a genetic edge in these events. Other ethnic groups dominate in other arenas (Icelanders in "strong-men" competitions, Turks and other north-west-Asia-Minor groups in weightlifting, East Asians in gymnastics - the great Steve Sailer has a nice summary in this old article and in other spots on his blog). Of course the only reason people run away in horror from the obvious genetic explanation is that this invites the blood-curdling suggestion that genetics could be behind other observed differences in ethnic/racial groups as well. And that just can't - no, it couldn't possibly - no, never - it must be "stereotype threat" - yeah, that's the ticket!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Z man - you are on the fringe with your "ethnic observations". Keep it up and you will never even run for mayor in our bleached white town. You must be pol-- correct

April 20, 2005 11:32 AM  
Blogger ziel said...

Being politically correct sort of defeats the purpose of taking the side of our Lying Eyes, don't it. Fortunately, our PD seems go with their lying eyes also.

April 20, 2005 5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've conveniently ignored the fact that the 400M gold medalist in the 2004 Olympics was a white man from Texas. Last atlas I checked said Texas is nowhere near Africa. I'd say that pretty much invalidates your effort to perpetuate this long ago disproven stereotype.

April 23, 2005 8:51 AM  
Blogger ziel said...

Wow - one white guy in 20 years wins the 400m and that disproves the stereotype? No, that's called the exception that proves the rule. That's like saying it's a myth that fair-skinned people are more prone to skin cancer because I know a black guy who got melanoma.

April 25, 2005 2:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good one there Ziel.

April 29, 2005 4:28 AM  

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